Resharing NFS Mounts on OS X Server 10.6

Assume, there are two OS X Servers, one with lots of free space and another that acts as an OD/AFP share. To setup the first server (the one with lots of space) as an NFS share, do the following:

  1. In Server Admin -> Share Points: Add a new share point. Under “Protocol Options” go to NFS and check on “Export this item and its contents to client list”
  2. Add second OS X Server IP to the the client list. Set the mapping Root to Root.
  3. In terminal enter the command ‘rpcinfo -p’ and make note of the ports.
  4. In Server Admin -> Firewall, make sure all ports from the step above are are open

On the Existing AFP server:

  1. In Server Admin -> Share Points: Right click a volume and select “Mount NFS Share..” and enter in the URL of the NFS share. Now this share will show up in the list.
  2. Click on the share and on “Protocol Options” and select AFP and check on “Share this item using AFP”
  3. Grant users privleges to the share

This is useful when there is an existing AFP Server that users connect to (which is running out of space).
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